DIY Home Security Tips

Use metal bar on sliding doors

Don't leave sliding doors (as well as windows) unprotected. Install metal bars behind them, since this will stop thieves from gaining entrance after smashing the glass.

Subscribe to an alarm monitoring service

Alarm monitoring services join your alarm into a central monitoring center. If your alarm goes off, the sound is relayed to the monitoring center, which immediately contacts and dispatches the police to your house within a few minutes.

Use inside door hinges

Intruders can quickly remove the hinge pins and earn entry into your house if your doors have their hinges on the outside. Therefore, reset all your hinges so that they cannot be tampered with from the outside.

Install deadbolt locks

Though they're more expensive than spring latch locks, deadbolt locks are a lot stronger and therefore provide more protection. Thus, you should add at least one-inch thick deadbolt locks to all exterior doors inside your house tv wall mount installation service toronto . However, when installing deadbolt locks, make sure that thers small or no distance between the doors and their frames, as such areas make it effortless for intruders to induce the door apart. To reduce the space, use plywood or metal sheets to fortify the doorway.

Keep a guard dog

Many individuals now use guard dogs to watch over and protect their homes from intruders. Guard dogs need extensive training and socialization to make them aggressive towards strangers and friendly towards their owners and other recognizable faces. Many dog breeds may make superb defenses. Examples of the best guard dog breeds include the German shepherd, the bullmastiff, the Caucasian shepherd, the Rottweiler, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Airedale terrier, the Doberman pinscher, and the giant schnauzer. Consequently, if you are considering purchasing a guard dog, select one of those mentioned breeds. But in the event that you already own one, all you need to do is consult a guard dog training specialist to assist you train it to turn into a efficient sentinel.

Hide all wiring

One of the first things burglars do is finding any wires hanging on the exterior of your house and disconnecting them in order to disable all security devices. Therefore, hide your home safety wires as a smart move to protect against this.

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